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Welcome to Delton Tutoring


Lilia Warunky has a master’s degree in Linguistics from the University of Tunis. She has more than 10 years of experience in teaching English as 2nd language in North Africa. She has several years of experience teaching French in Canada in catholic schools as a one-on-one mentor. She is always in research mode trying to find new strategies to help her students learn. She is very patient and very dedicated to digging out the gifts within every person she teaches. The lessons are fun, and children play while they are learning. She has much success with children and adults alike.


Edmonton, Canada

I like the material used. It has a lot of visual and colors. I also like the songs in French. I've learned a lot. Lilia really helped me.


Montpellier, France

Ms. Lilia Warunky is an extraordinary teacher who is passionate and creative. She is always ready to answer the student’s needs, and takes pride and joy in finding new strategies. I'm so glad I have her as a teacher. I've never met a teacher that was so involved and unique. I have been in her class for many years and she has remained one of my favorite teachers.


I like the activities she uses. I like the French songs as well.


Mrs. Lilia is a nice person. She varies her activities in such a way I never get bored. She does 101 which gives me the opportunity to learn better.


I like Mrs lilia s class because she makes sure I understand everything. Her activities are fun especially the vocabulary one. I learned a lot from the vocabulary one. I like the songs in french. They are funny.



Subjects Taught at

Delton Tutoring

Writing: (French & English) students will learn to write in simple paragraphs and edit them with the teacher. This is a very fun activity while enriching their  vocabulary and learning how to write in the target language.

Reading: (French & English). From simple texts to recipes to newspaper articles to reading a nursery rhyme.

Conversation:  (French & English). You will learn how to interact in real life situations from introducing yourself, to a simple phone call to shopping etc.. Real language in real life situations.

Grammar: (French & English). A lot of activities with grammar and the most difficult areas would become easy.

Types of Lessons

Private lessons in French

For parents in Canada

If you have a child in elementary and/or college in French immersion or have French as a subject and you want them to excel in French, this is the right place to come to. I have experience teaching French immersion.

My activities vary in such a way your child would want to learn (games. Songs, videos, cartoons etc.)


For federal workers in Canada

If you work for the government of Canada and you need French for your job, I can help you. There are lessons tailored for federal workers.


Private lessons in English


Newcomers to Canada and the USA

If you want to learn English as a second language because you are coming to USA and Canada or are already here, I can help you.

For parents - If you have a child in elementary school who is struggling to write in English, this is as well the right place to come to.


Pricing on Lessons

Lessons are held Online via Skype

Price: 30 $ an hour. 

First lesson only 15$ an hour. 

Payment:  PayPal or e-transfer

Please note: There are no refunds once a lesson is paid. I am willing to reschedule the lesson for a later time.

Thank you. 

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